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CITMO is an informal and non-profit initiative aimed at solutions for information sharing and interoperability. The intent is to provide a venue for an exchange of thoughts regarding information technologies and services suited to both military and non-military needs.

The CITMO community is composed of delegates from government, academia, military, industry, and others who desire to be part of this collaboration and who are willing to participate in workshops and other technical exchanges agreed to by the group in general.

The 2006 and 2007 CITMO workshops will focus on identifying ways to collaborate to support the war against terrorism through building a secure but unclassified network that will enable ad hoc coalitions to exchange information and provide a common relevant picture for decision making across the coalition force to perform some functions like patrolling borders, securing boundaries, managing disaster relief, and enhance maritime domain awareness (including security, safety, economics and environmental activities). CITMO 2006 will also look at how civil security and emergency management can benefit from a combination of commercial information technology and a military network centric approach to the problems.

An immediate objective for CITMO 2006 is to initialize a prototype secure ad-hoc network.

The CITMO workshops are not open events and participation is by invitation only.

The website will be frequently updated with the latest information.

The CITMO initiative is supported by AFCEA


Organized by IDG Europe AB - Specialist in two-way transfer of successful military and commercial solutions.